I makeprints of my images which I sell. Many of my prints are for sale at the Creative Spirit Gallery in downtown Patagonia, Arizona. If you come to Patagonia please visit. It is a great place to birdwatch. There are many other local artist of the area that show their work at the Creative Spirit Gallery too.


I can make prints to order. you can order them from me by emailing me at: GaryRomig@artofbirds.com.

I print them myself on fine art papers with an Epson 2200 printer using archival pigment based inks on sheets of fine art matt finish 100% cotton paper. The image size varies. These are individually wrapped in a clear envelope with a stiff cardboard.

8.5 x 11" sheets ($30)
11 x 14" sheets ($50)
13 x 19" sheets ($75).

I also do prints that are wet mounted on hard board and finish coated with clear acrylic (either brushed on or sprayed on). The image size varies. I usually leave some margin of white around the image proportional to the image size.


8 x 10" hard board ($50)

11 x 14" hard board ($75)

16 x 20" hard board ($125)